When can I visit? Where are you?

We are currently closed for Christmas and will be back mid-January 2016

The Fablab is located in Aalto University's Media Factory at the Arabia campus in Helsinki. The entrance to the Media Factory is from Arabia Keskus on the second floor, just above the Pentik outlet - look for the Aalto Media Factory sign on the bridge. Check the contact page for more details.

Can we use the lab NOW, our teacher told us to use it for our projects?

If your teacher did not tell us beforehand about the course, and when and how they would like to use the lab, chances are that we cannot help you straight away. You need to book your machine use times for yourself during the regular Aalto student hours: each Wednesday to Friday 10-16h.

Please BE AWARE that our laser cutter might already be booked for the whole week. If we responded to every last minute request to use the laser cutter, we would never be able to do anything else at the lab!

Please tell your teacher to get in touch with us (link), so we might be able to arrange something suitable for your course.

I would like a lab tour, is that possible?

You can drop in on our open days, generally every TUESDAY 12-18.

On ANY OTHER day, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH with us (link) before visiting. We are usually very busy, so might not be able to give you the time you might need for questions about the lab and what we do.

How much does it cost?

Using the machines is free of charge - including hands-on assistance with getting started with your project. You will only need to pay for any materials you use from our stock.

Even though we don't charge to use the machines, we would like you to document your work in return. So make use of the Lab Camera that sends your photos directly to our Flickr stream. Soon you will also be able to document your work right here on our website.

What materials can I use?

We have basic stock of materials suitable for each of the machines available for purchase at the lab: wood, acryl plastic and cardboard for the laser cutter, vinyl sticker for the vinyl cutter, ABS and PLA plastic for the 3D printers and wood, wax, foam and PCB stock for the milling machine and basic components needed for electronics prototyping. For further details, see equipment descriptions

You can also your own materials, but they should be suitable for the machine you intend to use: please contact Anu to check if your material will be possible to use at Aalto Fablab.

Here's my object design file, when can I come and pick it up?

FabLabs are DIY workshops, so you will be responsible for manufacturing your model yourself during our opening hours - but not to worry, we are here to help you out in getting it done.

You can have your designs manufactured and mailed to you by e.g. Ponoko (lasercutting, 3D printing) and Shapeways (3D printing). For your local lasercutting needs, do look up Lasercut Studio located right here in Helsinki - commercial projects and longer cutting jobs are better done elsewhere than in our FabLab with limited capacity and the 'share your work' -principle.

Can I use the laser cutter NOW?

For the first time we recommend you book an appointment so we can make sure we have time to help you get started. Please check the bookings schedule for the lasercutter and email us at fablab (ät) aalto.fi for your preferred time.

For the following visits, once we've seen you can handle the cutting process without too much assistance, if the laser cutter is not occupied you can make use of it. For projects taking a longer time it would still be best to book your time slot in advance.

Bookable hours for Aalto students and faculty are between Wednesday and Friday 10-16.
During courses and workshops going on the lab is reserved for the course students and no bookings are possible.

On Open Days we do not take bookings - we want as many people as possible also from outside of the Aalto University to have a chance to make at least something small with the laser cutter - this faster to do without bookings, on a first come-first served basis. You need to be prepared to wait a little before your turn, but you can use the time to prepare your design suitable for the lasercutter. For interesting projects that may take a little bit longer time to cut (more than an hour or so), do let us know in advance and we may be able to provide you a time-slot for the laser (this still needs to be on an Open Day)

Keep in mind: we are not a free laser cutting service - we expect you to share your work also with others by documenting it on our website (coming soon) in return of free machine time. For laser cutting or engraving bigger series that are meant to be for sale you should consider finding a commercial laser cutting service.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch with you?

You can write us an email at fablab(ät)aalto.fi and contact any of the staff via their personal contact form - no site registration needed.

Anu will be able to help you with general Fablab questions about the machines and materials, open days and courses, Ali will be able to answer electronics prototyping questions and Massimo questions about design in a Fablab context.

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